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Reading Ganesha pathani kurta




  • Crafted in 100% natural material, this pathani kurta is designed to give a festive feel whilst being very comfortable for your boy.
  • Our Reading Ganesha design is part of our Ganesha story for Diwali.
  • Features a story of Ganesha Ji reading while his mouse is quietly taking a laddoo.
  • Comes with a pathani salwar which goes perfectly with the kurta.
  • Prices include the kurta and the bottom.


Elephants also hold a great significance in Hindu mythology. Firstly, as the custom vehicle of Lord Indra, who is considered as the God of heaven in the Hindu culture and secondly, an elephant is believed to have offered his head for Lord Ganesha. Hence the elephant is not only celebrated but also respected and prayed to by the Hindus.

I wanted all of our KAC kids to celebrate with our playful Ganesha stories.

The second part of our playful Ganesha story is with the Ganesha reading and having his stash of sweet laddos and candies right by him. If you notice, while He is reading, His mouse is quietly taking away one of the laddoo.

The buntings just gives this design a very festive feel!